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Protect future sales transactions & earn referral commissions from our team

How Our Referral Program Works

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Fill out the form on the bottom of this page to send us a referral. We'll review your submission promptly and get in touch.

We Contact the Client

Our team will contact your customer, walk them through our sales process and answer any questions about our management process.

We Pay You

$500 consultant fee for every owner, and $250 per door on portfolios!
Every successful tenant referral will net you $250. You can earn unlimited referral fees with us.

Why Our Referral Program?

Keep Your Clients

Partnering with us doesn't mean you'll need to end your working relationships. Instead, our team will take care of your client's property management needs and refer them back to you for sales transactions.

Reduce Your Liability

Why open yourself up to unnecessary liability by advising on things like fair housing, insurance requirements, and compliance issues? Let us do the hard work for you and you can keep yourself protected.

Our Clients Love Us

Extremely Pleased

“We transferred from another property management company to Elevate Property Management recently and have been extremely pleased.  Unfortunately, with the extreme weather we have had recently, there have been several issues with the property, but Elevate has handled them, even getting out after hours and weekends to avoid any larger issues.”


Tracy H.

Satisfied Client

I've Been Impressed

“After years of doing the property management myself, I hired Elevate and have been impressed.  I no longer receive the maintenance calls, don’t have to hassle with collections and enjoy my investment mostly hands off.  Additionally, when issues do arise, they don’t upcharge me on vendor invoices and I save money with their maintenance team.”


Brandon L.

Satisfied Client

One of the Easiest Decisions

"After being transferred out of Oklahoma City, my wife and I decided to lease our property instead of sell. Choosing Sam at Elevate has been one of the easiest decisions. Our payment shows up each month in our bank account leaving us hands off and stress free.  We plan on continuing our investments and we are glad to have Sam handling it.”


Jason E.

Satisfied Client

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